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Home Ulpan - How it all began

 This is the blog of Shlomit Chaush's husband, Shimon,
Shlomit is the entrepreneurial,
executor and main instructor of "Home Ulpan"

 I'll give the point of view of the "Bystander" On the one hand, and of an active partner on the other side, a partner who helps in the logistics of "Home Ulpan".

 Today, students from around the world come to our house, are hosted, learn Modern Hebrew and business Hebrew, all according to their will.
 How it all really started? 

The idea began on a trip we made to Rhodes in 2007. We stayed in a hotel and walked around a charming little island, we became acclimated to the local community, we asked about their lifestyle, how they spend time, what "normal life" is like here, economic opportunities, relationships with spouses and children, etc.

 Finally at the end of the trip, I said to Shlomit that I would like to stay a month with a family in Rhodes, and not at a hotel, in order to absorb the atmosphere.

Shlomit answered immediately:" I'd like to live a month in a family's house and also - to learn Greek."

Why learn Hebrew?

Learn Hebrew at an Israeli family home.

Shlomit, who teaches Hebrew to students from around the world at the University of Haifa and the Technion  added: "I teach Hebrew students from around the world, why not do what I want to do here  in my own home?"
In other words, I will invite students, tourists and anyone who wants to learn Hebrew to the house, we'll host him, he will  become  familiar with the  Israeli mentality and lifestyle,  and also will learn  Hebrew. "

The idea was rolling around in her  head for about a year, until it was published.

I am a personal trainer, and as such , it took all the skill I have acquired to support Shlomit's  way to fulfill her dream

Shlomit worked intently on the site of "HomeUlpan" for almost half a year until she was pleased with it and brought it into the light. The house had  to be carefully painted, repaired and modified to fit her demands, and only after she was satisfied, was she kind enough to record dates in which students can arrive to the "castle".

"Simon - This is getting serious" Shlomit suddenly remembered" People actually want to come to Israel, especially for studying Hebrew"

I clung to the excitement; I had fun seeing how my wife's dream was taking shape, and people all over the world were interested in her project, and were willing to pay in advance!
 I saw the sparkle in her eyes, the excitement, joy and pride overcoming her.

"Hello, my name is professorPaton from Belfast"

–" This is the way  I met the first student who came from Britain at the Lev Hamifratz station.